About Me

My name is Nan Ma. On many online forums I use the name "schuma" because I am a big fan of Michael Schumacher.

I am enthusastic about all the puzzles similar to the Rubik's Cube. They are called Twisty Puzzles on the Twistypuzzles forum. I have solved

I gave lectures on how to use group theory to construct algorithms to solve the puzzles listed above in UC Berkeley. Here is a recorded video.

I am an average speed cuber. My personal best is super-20.

I'm also very interested in the game Tchisla and have built a webpage to help me explore the records.

In September 2018, I worked with Roice Nelson to explore possibilities of non-associative "twisty" puzzles. We built a proof-of-concept puzzle based on integral octonions in Python. Check the introduction and the repo.

I built a website to visualize the regular star polytopes in 2D, 3D, and 4D, plus hyperbolic star tilings. Check it out here. Below are some examples of the visualization.

Deprecated Apps

The puzzles and visualization below were built many years ago using Java Applet. Unfortunately, it's not supported by modern browsers. As of Sept 2019, I am able to start them using IE and setting http://nan.ma as a trusted website in the Java config. I don't have a plan to migrate them to new technology.

Twisty Star
Twisty Star: a puzzle based on the beautiful compound of five tetrahedra. It is related to the face-turning icosahedra.
Magic 11-cell: a puzzle based on the abstract regular polytope 11-cell.
Inside H3
Inside H3: not really a puzzle. It's a visualization tool to simulate what you will see when navigating a spaceship in hyperbolic polytopes.